Man jumps off Hawaii waterfall to record stunt, rescued by tourists


Doing dangerous stunts and recording them to post online for gaining popularity has become a trend. But the practice can turn fatal sometimes.

Trying to achieve the unattainable, a 21-year-old man visiting Hawaii recently jumped off a waterfall only to lose his conscious and get rescued by tourists. The young man identified as Shiloh Shahan who originally hails from California visited the zenith of Wailua Falls in the Hawaiian island of Kauai along with his friend. After reaching the top, he impulsively decided to jump off the falls and perform the mega stunt. After reflecting on his life for a moment, Shahan took the plunge as his friend filmed the jump.

According to a report, by The Tribune, the young man stood at the pinnacle and stopped to reflect about where his life would lead once he returned to the mainland and then he jumped. “I decided, ‘I want to jump off of this,’ I was at a really pivotal point in my life. Everything was changing, and it felt like the right thing to do. The “right thing to do” also was arguably a scary one,” the report added.

The scary video shows Shahan taking a short running start before hurling himself into the air and over the waterfall. He can be seen tumbling through the falls before hitting the water. Shahan said that he had lost consciousness when he hit the water, and the two tourists saved his life.

Shahan said he did not think the drop was far enough to hurt him, and he had read earlier that other people had made the plunge and lived. He also added that if he had used better techniques he would have suffered fewer injuries. He said he has jumped from cliffs previously that were about 60 feet high.

Interestingly there has been a debate about the height of the waterfall. While some say it is about 80 feet, according to the State of Hawaii Data Book, the Falls are 200 feet high.

Another video uploaded by the tourists who saved him shows his fall from another angle