Banswara The doctor is surprised to see this woman how she is alive after all. This sentence has become the subject of search for doctors in medical science. Now the doctors are engaged in the search of which car is being supplied with HGB or HB in its blood. From which he is alive. The amount of blood hemoglobin of this tribal woman is only HGB 1g / dL. Yet it’s alive. This lady is from the tribal district of Banswara in Udaipur division.

The amount of hemoglobin in the blood of woman Goddess wife Jiva resident of Amliwata village of Ghatol sub-district of the district is only one gram per dl. It was known when God was admitted to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in the district headquarters on the following day due to fever. The matter has been confirmed by Labor Incharge Sharad Trivedi of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Banswara.

The doctors were shocked when they came to the blood report and they did not believe that there could be some survival on the quantity of such hemoglobin. In the body of healthy men 13-16 and female 12-14 mg per desilitre hemoglobin.