Padmapriya Janakiraman is well known for being a superb performer. The Malayali actor who had a brief role in Patel S.I.R. in Telugu is not confined to regional cinema. Her major global release is Chef starring Saif Ali Khan and her next is Cross Road, a Malayalam movie that is a collage of short films.

She does films that appeal to her sensibility and has always added value to whatever role she plays. She knows she is gifted, values her craft and wants to act all her life.

Your role was very brief in ‘Patel S.I.R’

I haven’t done much in Telugu films; I have done many Malayalam films and they went on to be big hits. I sign films that have significance for my characters or are big entertainers. Even if there is nothing much to do but the script is good, I would still like to be in it for its novel quality. Patel S.I.R was a well crafted script, the director had a certain vision and deserved to give it a shot. Honestly compared to typical commercial films, my role is not run of the mill . I don’t think it did it very wellbut I rate it is a good, interesting film. I think it was an earnest attempt and I believe in the director.

Did ‘Chef’ happen to you after you moved to Mumbai?

I was always working in multiple industries, technically my base is in Mumbai and Delhi as that is where my work takes me and my husband works there as well. My parents live in Hyderabad and I visit the city often. Chef happened randomly, before I moved to Mumbai. Anjali Menon (Bangalore Days) told me to speak to director Raja Krishna Menon as he was looking for someone for his film. We met six months later and next thing I was on board. It has been a fantabulous experience to work with him. He brings a very good amount of balance, freshness experience to his work; he is collaborative and open to ideas from his crew. I can only have great things to say about him.

Is this your second Bollywood movie?

film, it has a generous part. With just four or five on-screen characters, it is significantly all the more difficult. Dialect is not a boundary, extraordinarily Hindi. It is the main dialect I read, compose and talk in thus it is far less demanding than South Indian dialects. It is made in a state of harmony sound and was extremely testing.

Is it accurate to say that you were made a request to see Hollywood’s ‘Gourmet expert’?

None of us were asked to. I’ve just viewed the English film Chef and this is not a change, it is an adjustment. The trailer demonstrates that it is significantly unique; however they take after the same premisebut they both convey all inclusive feelings of adoration, family, recognizing what your enthusiasm is.

Is it true that you are enamored with cooking?

I cherish nourishment and love cooking. We do have a cook, however my significant other and I cherish cooking, we think that its helpful. We ensure that we cook one of the dinners, and alternate in setting up the menu for the house. I make more Gujarati dishes and he associates with my mother for a few dishes, . The culinary experience gives a social ordeal also. We have enlisted for an online course which examines science of sustenance.

Did Saif truly cook for the screen?

All Saif did was cut garlic and onion, it was a somewhat rank nourishment truck. He acted like he threw together a feast for me in one of the tune arrangements. Raja wouldn’t extra a shot where he wouldn’t resemble a culinary specialist. He prepared for a month and a half at the Marriott. It was an only four part group. There were different characters yet we were the ones who possessed significant space in the truck. It was an extremely fascinating knowledge; I never figured I would be captivated.

When I started doing films in South..I was pitted against Mohanlal. I appreciated and respected him, but I was not intimidated. But with Saif, I was conscious and nervous, it was interesting to see myself star struck for the first time. I was perfectly fine rehearsing lines with Raja but in front of Saif, I I would feel nervous. He is a very respectful man, his reputation stands true for that. It is a weird space for me but I respect the opportunity Raja gave me to share time with Saif on the sets.