Would you pay Rs 1.45 lakh for a one-way flight ticket?


Before you start shaking your head vigorously from right to left, let’s imagine for a moment that you would. Now here’s the interesting question – what would you expect from a flight that cost that much?
Casey Neistat’s experience on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York just might give you some ideas. He was supposed to travel business class, but got an upgrade to first. He would have had to shell out $21,635 – approximately Rs 1. 45 lakh – if he’d chosen to buy the first-class ticket himself. “I don’t know what I did to deserve this, I really don’t,” he says in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel, his grin worthy of a toothpaste ad.
Neistat obviously decided YouTubers shouldn’t miss a moment of his 14-hour joyride to the Big Apple. So we get to see him make himself comfortable in a seat that can be rolled out into a proper bed. He’s got enough leg room to straighten his legs in front of him and attempt to touch his toes. Instead of a flimsy little tray table, he gets a desk that wouldn’t look out of place at a decent hotel. He gets – wait for it – a writing kit.
Neistat can barely contain his glee when he realises that he can turn his seat into a little private cabin. All he needs to do is push a button to make a pair of doors shut the rest of the universe out.
And it’s all the button-pushing that’s liable to colour you with the emerald hues of envy. Buttons make blinds cascade down windows, release tablet-like devices from their docks, and make a hidden mini-bar rise majestically into view to Neistat’s right. The whole show begins to acquire a rather Ian Fleming-esque flavour, and that impression is reinforced by the contents of the on-board menu. The first appetizer? Caviar.
We could tell you what the washroom looked like too, but it would be a crime to give too much away.
Watch Neistat’s video below, and you’ll begin to wonder whether an iPhone 7 is what you really want to save up for